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Essential Insurance helps you protect "Yours" step by step. We have the offerings of a variety of covers that give you the security of having covered what you have struggled for a lot. Applies for Residences as for Condominiums.

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  • Personal Package

The personal insurance package allows you to combine policies that can also be subscribed independently. In these packages you can combine policies for your car, home, boats, improvements, civil liability and much more.

Personal package protects

  • Home Improvements

  • Post Entrepreneurial damage to third parties for any negligence on their part.

  • Money

  • Electronic devices

  • Boats and Trailers

  • Refrigerated Property (Food)

  • Removal of debris

  • Identity Theft

  • Spills (For all risks covered in Policy)

  • Equiptment Breakdown

  • Assistance in the home such as: plumbing, electricity, glassware and locksmithing, works of arts, jewelry, wines, among others.

  • Kitchen remodeling

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Floors

  • Fascia

  • Among others

  • Floods

Personal flood cover is very important since, depending on your zoning and type of mortgage product, it is sometimes required on a mandatory basis. Protects its structure, content, improvements and much more ...

  • Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown insurance covers damage from voltage fluctuation
such as surges, electrical short circuits, mechanical breakdowns, motor burns, among others.

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  • Personal Auto

Provides protection against direct financial loss to your unit from an accident and also against bodily injury and / or property damage to third parties arising from the use of a covered automobile.

  • Dwelling

Policy designed to cover the structure of your home against hazards such as fire or lightning, hurricane, vandalism, volcanic eruption, and earthquake.

  • Umbrella

General Umbrella insurance is a type of personal liability insurance that covers claims that exceed the coverage of the regular policy of homeowners, automobiles or boats.

  • Insurance for Pets (Dogs and Cats)

If they are valuable to you, they are valuable to us as well. This program covers your pets for: Damage caused to your pet due to an accident, Accidental death damage, Search expenses for your lost pet, Lodging benefits at a canine or feline center and Compensation for theft of your pet.

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