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At Essential Insurance it is our commitment to serve you in the best way to guarantee your satisfaction. As part of our commitment we have created a variety of programs aimed at providing added value to our clients through our services.

Find out why Essential Insurance is your excellence insurance provider.


Implementation and/or Coordination of Services in Health Insurances

  • Service and development in the design of administration programs in group and individual health insurances.

  • Identification of individual medical needs and services for each individual and / or employee.

  • Analysis of international medical insurance programs to control expenses.

  • Recommendation of the Program of Benefits and Models of Care.

Notas enfermera que hace

Property and Contingency Risk Management Program

  • Valuation of the insured properties free of cost.

  • Training and "Loss Control" talks for Management and Employees

  • Physical Property Inspections

  • Implementation of the claims monitoring program through the website

Multi-Assistance Program

  • Travel Assistance worldwide that provides medical assistance services, legal assistance, loss of passports, among others.

  • Roadside Assistance, for the main insured.

  • Funeral Assistance up to $ 4,000.00 for the main insured.

  • Assistance in the Home for improvised events, such as plumbing, electricity, locksmiths and glassware.


Educational Programs

  • Program "Essential goes to your Community", fairs aimed at municipal communities, free of cost.

  • Employee assistance programs.

  • Training workshops for officials.

  • Compliance with preventive tests by age and gender.

  • Clinics and individualized education focused on health awareness and maintenance.

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